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Shawn A-in-chut Atleo is the incumbent National Chief running for re-election. He is a hereditary Chief from the the Ahousaht First Nation. Here are the highlights of his interview:

More on Shawn and his complete interview:

Shawn Atleo was previously AFN’s regional chief for British Columbia. He has a Master’s Degree in Education. Participated in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). In his first term he facilitated the Crown First Nations Gathering in January 2012, worked with Mike Holmes on First Nations housing and helped push Canada to sign on to the non-binding UNDRIP.

The main points from Shawn’s interview:

  • He sees his role as National Chief as facilitator to bring FNs to table so they can direct the nation to nation relationship
  • He wants a FN presence at the 250th anniversary of the Royal Proclamation next year
  • He wants to work with all political parties to advance FN’s agenda
  • He will stand up for the environment at the hearing’s for the Enbridge pipeline and other resource projects
  • He responds to criticism that he doesn’t understand importance of treaties
  • He is critical of Federal government’s Omnibus budget bill c-38
  • His campaign theme is ‘We are stronger together’

Here’s the complete interview:

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3 comments on “Shawn Atleo

  1. Cathy Ginnish says:

    IS this queen visit for real!!!! Ovide Mercredi is actually going along and supporting this outrageous plan as well and other IA chiefs supported by Atleo-facilitation or not.Get with historic and current reality PLEASE!!! Over the generations some of our Indigenous leaders begged and pleaded with various Monarchies in Europe esp Britain & were scorned and left to die plus ignored with some phoney promises-is that what the IA chiefs still want to hear-some more crooked promises-the british wanted to annilate the Indigenous race across this country since exploration time -in fact all over the world!!There has never been any support (even to say it is ridiculous) from the British colonial monarchy historically or as represented by Queen today -her colonial role especially her ancesters was total Indigenous elimination (death by whatever means for land,resources & profit-riches of the Americas etc))-now annilation cause the British cant just Kill outright anymore for settlement etc & profit-is on paper legislated Indian Act law whic is our ancestral bloodline death through whatever Indian Act means possible) for profit and that is why she & her descendants are the highest paid welfare recipients in the world -directly off the blood of OUR Indigenous ancestors ancestral bloodline.The colonial Indian Act oppressive law derives directly from the Queens direct European bloodline than designed by her British counterparts the forst Prime Minister of Canada and Eastern Premiers in the atlantic region as in Nova scotia-both active alcoholics as recorded in history. IT is a complete waste of time invited or not for 250 years since Royal Proclamation in 2013 to see the queen…IT is time for a long overdue National Indian Act (IA) Class Action lawsuit -be stronger together against IA to move forward inherent right & treaty status connected to the land-there is no positive future with IA in operation with govts elimination of Indians overall oppressive IA deep rooted agenda. Time for you all to clear your minds at AFN leadership level!

  2. rene says:

    time to engage with something…rather than just spouting a lot of rhetoric…..some FN had their deals with the Vatican and some with the French Crown and some with the British Crown….a deal is a deal….its probably time to do the doctorate…

    and let those that roll up their sleeves to get things done work….

  3. Midori says:

    I have absolutely no doubt that there is pletny of blame to go around here, as there usually is in complex social issues. Hierarchy, any hierarchy, is reluctant to address issues that demand considerations of equality. But what is really at stake here is a microcosm of capitalist development – those at the periphery are the least concern of those at the centre. Sometimes that pesky problem of ethics is awakened is the mind of the workers, as it sometime was in the era of classical colonialism, and sometime is today in the neo-colonial era. Our capitalist has no need of, or interest in, the First Peoples in Northern communities, many of them live in a state of wretched poverty and hopelessness and that has been fine for generations of Liberal and Conservative governments, both of which are fundamentally capitalist. So the CBC awakened the ethical mind of those who are central to the capitalist order. But some of the native leaders have become the equivalent of the indigenous colonial masters (the Raj, for want of a better word). And the problem will slowly drift off the headlines because the periphery is just not important to the development of the core.

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