Inspiring the young and the young at heart through hands on learning, artistic performance and motivational speaking is a passion of mine. Drawing on the wisdom of the Anishinaabe elders, western education and experience as a journalist, I can work with your group to discover their inner passions and help transform those passions into purposeful action.

Young Canadians, and Aboriginal youth in particular, face a wealth of challenges from rising obesity rates to lack of engagement with the political system all the way to a sense of loneliness amidst an increasingly technological world. In spite of the diversity of challenges, I believe that there is a common solution to all of these obstacles: building a new generation of active, motivated and compassionate citizens. I provide live community empowerment solutions towards that goal.

In the TV series “8th Fire” I had the good fortune of being able to present of Canadians who are bringing our communities together. It’s my desire to continue that work in live settings.

Some of my favorite topics to present on include:

The Competitive Advantage of Working with Aboriginal People
Economic Development and Indigenous Sovereignty
Healthy Living and Sobriety
Motivational Seminars for Youth
Hands-on Video and Art Seminars

Email me to book me for your next event or to schedule a full day seminar with me.