My good friends from Propagandhi have done something very cool and put their whole new album online for you to listen to, about a week before it hits stores. All you have to do is head to their facebook page (which you can do by clicking the picture above) and “Liking” it. As usual the post-punk, eco-warrior hockey fans have put together some kick ass tunes. I even made a little cameo on one song “Things I Like”, where I spoke a little bit of Anishinaabemowin. I’m honoured they asked me to be a part of their project, but I’m really stoked that they asked me to share the language, minochigewag (they’re doing a good thing)!

For those wondering what I said, here’s a translation:

Ahow ndinawemaaganiidog, Wabanakwut ndigo
(Hello my relatives, I am known as Wabanakwut)
Aapijii iinzan mewinzhaa kete-Anishinaabeg gii-soongide’ewag
(Apparently a long, long time ago the ancient Native people were strong hearted)
Kii-gichi-anokiiwag, kii-jiikendamoog
(They worked hard, they were happy)
Aapijii iinzan kii-chikinaagoziwag
(Apparently they really looked good)
Kete-anishinaabeg ogii-wiidookaawiiwaa shaaganaashiiwag
(The ancient ones supported the Europeans)
Gegoo wiin wiikaa oniikesiidaa
(Let’s not forget that)
Pizaaniigo nagamok! Nagamok isina!
(Go ahead and sing you guys! sing real hard guys!)

Chris and Todd from the band have been really cool since I met Todd training Jiu-Jitsu. They even had me on their podcast “Escape Velocity” last year. So check that out too!

3 comments on “Propagandhi

  1. Matt says:

    Hey Wab,
    So glad I found your site. It was killing me to know what you said on there. Good work, good words.

  2. Morgan Currie says:

    I really dig your part in that song. Thanks for posting the translation!

  3. Alex says:

    “Things I like” is my favorite song on the new Propagandhi album and your spoken word make it even more special. Thank you and greetings from germany!

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