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Pam Palmater is a Lawyer and Professor at Ryerson University running for National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations. She is from the Eel River Bar First Nation in New Brunswick. Here are the highlights of her interview:

More on Pam and her complete interview:

Pam Palmater is a Doctor of Laws (as well as having a Law and Masters of Law degrees). She is a renowned author, blogger and media commentator. She is best known for her work on Indigenous nationhood membership (status and non-status issues etc…) as well as being opposed to the conversion of reserve lands to fee simple title (privatizing of reserves). She has been a vocal critic of the AFN’s direction under Shawn Atleo.

The main points from Pam’s interview:

  • She wants to stand up to the “Bully government”
  • She wants to return the AFN to it’s role as an advocacy organization
  • She wants to declare a “State of emergency” for the housing and social conditions on some First Nations
  • She says the fact there are 7 candidates shows people are unhappy with Atleo
  • In the full interview she reveals how she went from single mom on social assistance to Doctor of Laws
  • In the full interview she shares how she’s feeling after being given a pipe by Manitoba elders

Here’s the complete interview:

Register your vote for National Chief:

4 comments on “Pam Palmater

  1. Bob Burgel says:

    Tansi. I’m a citizen of the Fisher River Cree Nation of Manitoba, though I live in B.C. I came across an article by Ms. Palmater on the Assembly of First Nations B.C. website about a year ago. Her writing was passionate, vigorous, & thought-provoking. There’s a strong streak of ‘challenge’ in her words. Who is this person? I began seeing her on APTN and usually am glued to her opinions and well-thought out views. Recently I had the chance to hear Cindy Blackstock speak in Vancouver, and hope to hear Ms. Palmater speak; both these women have much to offer FNs. Thank you.

  2. John Bear says:

    Work and save and business is the real Buffalo. we have to be an economic powerhouse to see changes. Education is not the buffalo………….. Gee whiz, we been going to school for the last 500 years. Do we have to go to school for the next 500 years before we get it? I don’t have another 500 years. We have to create our own revenue as corporately and as individuals to fund our own causes.

  3. Ian says:

    Pam and Cara,Really enjoyed the NTV ivierntew and Pam was so relaxed and informative. Hopefully, you will come to the West Coast one day or maybe, my SHE and I will make it out there.Cheers, Julie

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