Inclusion Works ’12 Keynote Address

Click on the “Read more” link below to watch the video of the Keynote address I delivered to the 2012 Inclusion Works conference in Edmonton recently. I spoke about why Aboriginal inclusion should be about so much more than just meeting quotas, but rather a source for adding value to a corporation… backed by a very personal story from my time at the CBC.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

“Inclusion today is an investment that will pay dividends in the innovations of tomorrow”

Miigwetch to Sarah Yankoo for the transcription!


  • Maryanne


    Great stuff Wab! I was impressed to hear about what is happening in the community near Sudbury. It is a very interesting time in this country in terms of what Aboriginal people are doing and working towards. I hope I am doing my part to get rid of the stereotypes and create understanding.

  • IRIS


    You are a true INSPIRATION Wab. Meegwetch!

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