Declaration of Dedication

DeclarationIdle No More has created a tremendous amount of energy and passion in our community. We desire solutions. While the politicians and leaders have a role to play, the long term change we want to see must start with us, as grassroots citizens. I drafted this declaration to outline some of the principles that guide us. If you agree sign it.

It’s also a good classroom exercise. Students and classes could use this as a basis to discuss what are the important values they would like to see to guide them as we move forward. Then they might like to draft their own declarations. Without further ado…

Download a printable version of the Declaration

We are all related. We should treat everyone as though they are our brothers and sisters. Unless, they are our boyfriend or girlfriend. Then that would be weird.

We are citizens of the world, who deserve to be happy and are free to make the most of our lives, so long as we don’t hurt anyone else.

We care enough to give back, both to the Indigenous communities we come from and to others in need.

We exercise and eat well so we can feel good. We have a right to healthy food and clean water.

We resolve to continue learning all our lives, through high school credits, post-secondary courses, Indigenous languages and traditional knowledge.

We are never alone. When lonely, we reach out to our community. When our friends in need reach out to us we do what we can to help them, as long as we stay safe.

We want to live up to our full potential, keeping free of chemicals and other things that slow us down like cigarettes, drugs and alcoholism.

We work hard everyday. Both to provide for our families and to gain a sense of pride in a job well done.

We promise never to raise our hands against the ones we love. We must never hit a girlfriend, boyfriend, parent or child.

When we choose to become parents we will care greatly for our children. We also support the children we know who have lost their parents.

All Our Relations,


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